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“The unique collection compiled by heroic Lady who devoted her whole life to the Natural Wonders of Thailand- this museum plays an important role in people’s education and nature’s conservation and Lady Rampa most seriously deserves to be decorated by the Order of White Elephant for her Dedicated Work!”

 Dr. Nikolai Drozdou, Professor of  Zoology, Moscow  University. Moscow, Russia. Member of IUCN, Nat Park’s commission,  Member of N.Y.Academy of Science, Academy of Sciences, Explorers Club member, Academician of Russia Academy of TV, UNESCO  Kaliga Prize (1994): WWF Prize (1998) Russia,117234 Moscow, Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography , chair of Biogeography.

 - The collection in the "Museum of Natural Wonders" rivals the collectionsin the world-class institutes auch as the Natural History Museum (London) andSmithsonian Institution (USA). Thank you for making your collections availableto the public".. 

 Gabriela Zoliher Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences USA.

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“A great discovery”

รีวิวเมื่อ 17 ตุลาคม 2013

A lovely place with a comprehensive collection. The delightful owner (a world-leading mosquito expert) and her daughter showed us around and played with our baby whilst our three year old enjoyed looking at bugs and fossils and crystals.

This collection is a couple's lifetime's work! If you are expecting a coffee shop, gift shop and amusements then this is not the place for you. If you want an enormous collection packed into a small space where you can marvel at nature and people's tenacity in amassing such a fine array of (once) animate and inanimate objects then this is for you!

Note: this museum will often look closed - the gates are shut BUT you have to ring the bell for entrance. Apparently it used to appear more welcoming but some people had come in on the off-chance and poured scorn on the lack of theme park-style entertainments on offer. Peter H

 “A most wonderful, quirky museum; well worth 2 hours”

 รีวิวเมื่อ 10 ตุลาคม 2013

 Friends have asked me what was the most memorable part of my trip to Thailand. I reply immediately that it was the Museum of World Insects and Natural Wonders in Chaing Mai and meeting Dr. Rampa Rrattanarithikul and learning about your life's work classifying all of the 450 mosquitoes in Thailand! not many of my friends actually understand what a major accomplishment this is, nor how vital it is to vector/mosquito control but they get that i do and i was thrilled that you and i connected over my background in taxonomy and invertebrate zoology. i also try to explain about taxonomy and how orderly and meticulous, and dedicated a taxonomist has to be to do this work, i think they 'sort of' get it. but i get it and you have my great admiration.
My daughter had suggested this museum, knowing my interest in natural history and insects in particular. this is indeed an unlikely and hidden treasure.
i wanted to write more in your book and talk about how quirky and wonderful your museum is. and how much it is definitely worth a visit. i don't know if i'll ever make it back to Chaing Mai; i would certainly make it a first stop.

Katherine Suri, California, USA

 ไปเที่ยวเมื่อ สิงหาคม 2013

 “Quirky and Magnificent” 

 รีวิวเมื่อ 18 กันยายน 2013

  This "must-visit if you are open to life" recommendation comes with a caveat, it might not delight everyone. It has a strange quirky appeal, on reflection it almost seems like a fiction created by Richard Brautigan ( ) in one of his more surreal and optimistic flights of whimsy. If you liked Brautigans's writing you will delight in this expression of the very best in the human spirit.

Part Cabinet of Curiosities, part autobiography, part testament to lives given to the study of mosquitoes and part an exhibition of the quirks of nature ... this is a place to indulge the imagination, sympathy and a delight in the endless variety of our planet.

Make a point of visiting this place, especially if you are a fan of "Midges In Scotland" by George Hendry and go visit even if you have never heard of the man, the experience may convert you into seeking out this slim volume and enjoying it.

This is a place for museum aficionados, those who delight in the humour of the Ignoble Prizes and those who are encouraged by triumphs of the human spirit. It amused, entertained, delighted, produced flights of post modern irony and was very difficult to classify. 
Go there and see for yourselves ... though its very quirky appeal can involve a certain suspension of disbelief.

It is also most educational and a tad difficult to locate, unless you tell your taxi/tuk-tuk/transport to drop you at the Green Palace Hotel, as the website map says it is right next door

 Uncle_Martin Cain UK