Contents of the museum

         The museum holds a collection of exotic and fascinating specimens of insects: officially 32 orders, including more than 10,000 species from around the world. Here you will see the 459 mosquito species of Thailand.

 You will also find a most impressive array of butterflies and moths. They shimmer with iridescence, opalescence and translucence. Mere words cannot describe the beauty of these creatures.

 - There is an extensive display of Coleoptera, commonly known as beetles. Many beetles are large and reach the length of 17 cm and are iridescent or widely patterned. The museum holds many types: plant pests, camouflage insects, insects that mimic foliage and other material, giant family insects, the longest stick insect in the world, insects that are now protected as well as those which have mutated, and hermaphrodite insects.

 - There is also an extensive shell collection including very rare species and even some varieties that have not yet been named.

  - There are fossils (Cambrian period, 542- 488 million years to Cretaceous period 145- 65 million years) of trilobites, leaves, fish, crab, shells, shark’s teeth, dinosaur eggs and bones and diverse displays of fantastic stones, and petrified wood.